Beckenham High Street Improvements

The improvements starting in February 2017 and due for completion in August 2018 will cover all public areas between Beckenham Junction Station and the war memorial roundabout at the junction of Croydon Road and Rectory Road.

The improvements will make the High Street a more attractive and safer environment for the community and its users and support the local business community.

The £4.4m scheme is funded by Bromley Council in partnership with Transport for London.

Public consultation

Substantial consultation was conducted with the community and local businesses in 2014 and 2015. This process identified key objectives for the proposed improvements:

Remove/ reduce level of HGV usage in the High Street
Improving pedestrian experience of the High Street – enhanced crossing and widened pavements
Improving parking and loading provision for visitors and businesses
Increase opportunities for regular street markets
Improving quality realm – including coordinated and harmonious design, reduction of street clutter, emphasising ‘village’ identity, increased use of soft landscaping
Maintaining traffic flow at major interchanges
Enhancing public realm and pedestrian accessibility at War Memorial
These objectives have provided the framework for a concept design produced by East Architects. This was agreed by the Beckenham Town Centre Working Group at the end of 2015.

The proposals were displayed at a two day presentation event in January 2017.

During the construction phase the council and its contractors will be consulting and liaising with the local and business community to ensure minimal disruption.


The improvements comprise:
All the pavements will be re-laid in high quality paving
The road surface will be re-laid
To ease pedestrian crossing, improvements will be made the to road junctions between
the High Street and Rectory Road and Albemarle Road,
the High Street and Bromley Road and Church Avenue Road
the High Street and Manor road and Kelsey Park Road
the High Street and Rectory Road, Beckenham Road and Croydon Road.
And at significant crossing points at or near the junction of Fairfield Road
the High Street near the junction of Village Way and near the forecourt of Sainsbury’s
New, improved street lighting and feature lighting of trees and particular buildings.
New signage and street trees.
New bus stands.
New facilities for cyclists including cycle stands, parking and a repair facility.
Improvement to Beckenham Green, with new lighting, planters, facilities for regular markets and seating.
Better integration of Beckenham Junction Station forecourt with the High Street
Improving privately owned spaces such as at the Odeon cinema and Sainsbury’s forecourt to maximise their contribution to the amenity of the area.
The introduction of shared space pavement parking to create more footway when no cars are parked.
View the drawings for Beckenham High Street improvement scheme.

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Content from Bromley Council


Please Note the following corrections and amendments to the proposed scheme:

1) Church Avenue Road

2) Crossings: Map shows new crossing in Village Way at junction of High Street not the other way round.

3) Existing Pelican crossing by HSBC is to remain.

4) The unofficial crossing by Sainsbury’s is to be made official.

5) The proposal of a crossing to allow access to the War Memorial was dropped as unworkable.