About Us

The Beckenham Civic Society founded 70 years ago as the Beckenham Planning Group has been transformed into The Beckenham Society. Its purpose is to speak for and promote Beckenham regardless of territorial boundaries or special interests and protect its unique character and heritage whilst celebrating its past, present and future. Our scope of interest will become much wider including the continuation of improving our town centre, monitoring planning issues, healthcare, the environment, crime prevention and much more. We hope to work with a range of other organisations including area based residents’ associations, local business, the police and emergency services, health and transport providers, Bromley Council and local Councillors and any other with an interest in our town and the wellbeing of its community.

Blackheath, Chislehurst, Greenwich and Sydenham have their own societies all of which have many hundreds of members. We hope to achieve a similar number. Membership of The Beckenham Society should not be confused with membership of other local Ward based groups as we are a pan-Beckenham organisation. At this time of Council cuts it is essential for Beckenham to have a society which speaks for the whole of the community with a united voice.

The Society’s name actually dates back to the 1930s when there was a similarly named organisation but it was dissolved at the outbreak of the 2nd World War. In 1943 Beckenham Planning Group was formed to put forward ideas for the reconstruction of the bomb damaged town when hostilities ended. Later the name was changed to Beckenham Civic Society the members of which form the base for our new Society.

To provide a sound foundation we have established this website on which It is intended to post items of interest, have a virtual Newsletter with pictures and eventually a forum for local discussion. Soon we hope to increase the membership of our present small executive committee. Anyone is welcome who feels he or she can contribute something towards the success of the Society. This will enable us better to get on with our work for the benefit of us all. Progress will be reported on our website.

This is an exciting time for an organisation taking on an enormous task. It need not be too onerous but we cannot do it without your help and support. We aim to proceed on the principle that a small effort by many people will have a significant effect. Delivering a few leaflets in your locality or whatever you wish to offer will be very welcome.

Do you have an issue near you that you would like to be reported to the council? Then please click here and report your problem and it may be handed on to the council, or you may find somebody has already reported it!